Rigor and Relevance Framework

Improving Instruction in a Digital World


Creating my own URL access to a framework to embed in my unit plan for assignment 2

A great resource made by a student for Assignment 2 (Unit of Work)!

EDC3100 Learning Journal

In completing assignment two for EDC3100, I wanted to provide a hyperlink to a model for critical source reflection that allows students to consistently analyse primary sources. I could not find an example of this on  internet so thought I would share a framework I came across in my studies at USQ that specifically deals with History curriculum. See below for this example Consisten model for criticalt hinking RESEARCH method

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What Resources Are Available as a Pre-Service Teacher?

The biggest issue in undertaking this course is the fact that I’m constantly getting great ideas about implementing ICTs. This in and of itself is not a bad thing, but it has to be taken into account that as a pre-service teacher, I can only plan for and use ICTs that I can provide personally (notebook, drawing tablet, iPod, etc.) or that the school has in their resources. In my last professional experience I was to plan a media lesson in which students were each given an iPad to take photos with. Luckily, the library had a class set of iPad, otherwise the students probably would not be able to complete the task as they would have to share iPads (my mentor teacher wanted all photos taken within one 60-minute session).

The question then becomes

“How can I implement a wide range of ICTs if they are not available to me?” and

“Where do I draw the line when buying my own resources for my class if they are not used at my school?”

KHOWA81 touches on this question in her post ICT and Me (as a stressed pre-service educator and uni student).

My Growth Mindset

As part of the course lectures, the Growth Mindset theory came up. I’m sure that I have already taken this test before, but it was still intriguing to see that I have a mostly growth mindset (I agreed with 1 of the Fixed Mindset statements and 7 Growth Mindset statements). I was also interested to come across holamisslise’s post wherein she described that as an Aspie (a person with Asperger’s Syndrome), she considers the fact that she may have very different answers than if she were neurotypical. I have this thought often too, and was actually expecting myself to have more of a Fixed Mindset (more typical of autistic thinking), just as she also had.

The Neverending Process of Learning

As stated in my last post, this is now my third semester of taking the ICT and Pedagogy. I still find myself constantly learning new things though, much like a teacher should be doing, even after decades of working. This post by holamisslise shares a concept map created by our lecturer David on what ICTs are. I’m still trying to expand my knowledge and use of ICTs that I previously may not have considered as Information and Communication Technologies.

Let’s Give This Another Shot!

This semester (Semester 2, 2015) marks the third time that I’ve attempted the EDC3100 – ICT and Pedagogy course. the reasons I haven’t been able to ever complete the course are all to do with the professional experience.

First attempt- my blue card was due to expire during the course, so I sent in my forms to renew it in time for my prac (in February). It took two months for it to be renewed, so of course I had to drop the course.

Second attempt- As I live a fair distance from all campuses, I have always arranged my own placements. The school I had worked at for the previous prac told me a couple of weeks before I was due to start that they could not accommodate me. I was in a mad rush to find a new school (e-mailing about 10 different primary schools), before the university contacted me saying they found a school- the Friday  before I was to start. When I got to the school, the deputy wasn’t there and nobody was able to help me. I went home that day and dropped the course (again!), as it was the last day to drop it without failing the course.

Third (and most recent) attempt- I had finally found a school that could take me on, and I felt like I was getting a good rapport with my mentor teacher. I unfortunately had a couple of days off, and when I came back, a representative from the university came to have a meeting with myself, my mentor teacher, and the deputy teacher. Without going into details, it was (put simply) disastrous. I ended up flustered and crying and sent home as an at-risk student.

Of course, all of these problems and run-arounds have made me very stressed for my upcoming prac this semester. I feel as though I’m just not “cut out” for teaching and my self-esteem and confidence as taken a huge plummet.

This has all just been a bit of a rant to let out my feelings (without going into too much personal details in case future schools or teachers see this and think negatively of me as a result).