Constructing and Transformative Knowledge

Constructing Knowledge (declarative):

  • Concepts or facts for students to know.
  • e.g. Paris is the capital of France.

Transforming Knowledge (procedural):

  • What students are able to do to apply and transform knowledge.
  • Use knowledge to perform a process.
  • How to perform a task.
  • e.g. Create a line graph.

Assignment Work

I’ve found that the hardest portion of the assignment is finding resources/links that support my online artefact. Coming up with the reasons was easy enough (ICT’s are fun, creative and essential) but sorting through everything and finding resources that are aimed towards parent so fchildren (as per the assignment guidleines) was difficult. That’s why I found

The SAMR Model

S – Substitution

Any new technology directly substitutes the old technology. The task remains the same.

A – Augmentation

The technology is still a substitute, but has more to it. Function is increased.

M – Modification

Technology redefines part of the task. Student learning is transformed.

R – Redefinition

New tasks can be designed and created.

PKM – A definition

Personal Knowledge Management

“PKM: A set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world & work more effectively.” – Harold Jarche

Seek (Observe and Study),

Sense (Challenge and Evaluate, form tentative opinions) 

Share (Participate)