Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change – Second Idea

The second idea that Postman talked about was difficult for me to, well I don’t want to say understand, maybe apply from my own teaching. I couldn’t really think of a teaching experience, so again I had to discuss my own personal experience, this time when I was in primary school. My household only consisted of myself and my mother. Initially, she was a stay-at-home mum until I was in grade 6, where she started work as a teacher aide. We weren’t exactly poor, but we didn’t have a lot of luxuries. In school, we were sometimes given tasks/assignments that we had to do on the computer, but I could never afford a computer at home! I would have to go to the library (paying $2 for every half hour, plus printing) and try to scramble in as much work as I could in a small amount of time. I remember getting so excited in Grade 9 (?) was I finally got an old laptop, and even more excited when I got the internet in Grade 10. Most students do have access to computers and the internet now, but it can be said that for those students in low-income households may not be able to work at home, so should they be marked down for not being able to do the work?


Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change – First Idea

The main experience I’ve had with the ‘trade-off’ in technology is to do with my hobby of reading. I love books, my collection id probably at around 200 altogether, but I found myself needing to buy a Kindle, since no matter what store I went into (department store or actual bookstore) there were hardly any books. Then, when I would go online (such as eBay) the shipping costs were so high because I live in Australia! I’ve now had to buy most of my books in the past year through Amazon. It worries me a bit, as I’m a bit old fashioned and love to hold the paper books in my hands.

Blog Prompt!! #1

To be honest, I class myself as a geek/nerd. I become very involved (obsessed) with certain fandoms (books, movies, television shows). It was because of this “personality quirk” that I became involved in video making. I have made probably about 100 videos of my favourite fandoms in the last five or so years. I first started with Windows Movie Maker, as I had used that in high school. I saw online though, that Sony Vegas was a much better program, as it had so many more options. About three years ago I finally bought Sony Vegas 9 (I think). Oh my god…. that was very new!!!! I got frustrated so many times. Instead of just cutting and arranging clips to music, I also had the opportunity to add effects, change audio and the whole aspect of rendering was frustrating. I now have Sony Vegas Pro 11, and have started making my own colourings too, and I still get annoyed when the entire program shuts down (too many clips from different sources at one time) or the rendering takes hours….. However, I must say I’m proud of (most of) my videos, I get excited when it getsĀ one view!