Create, Appreciate, Communicate

For Assignment 1 in EDC3100, we were asked to make an online artefact to explain three reasons why ICTs should be used in the classroom. In previous semesters, it was to be aimed towards fellow teachers, but this semester had us aiming it towards the parents of our (hypothetical) students.

I tried to use many different programs including, Prezi (this being the first time I’ve used it!), GoAnimate, and PowerPoint just to name a few. The link to my artefact is provided below.

Create, Appreciate, Communicate


Assessment 2 – Unit of Work

Year level: 3

Curriculum: English

I decided to work on an English unit of work, as it is vital to develop teaching strategies. I looked through each year level, but found that I would be able to implement some of my teaching experiences into certain aspects, such as creative writing and reading as a class.

Student learning objectives:

Within this unit of work, students will have a number of learning objectives. Primarily, the unit is an English one, so they need to be able to communicate with others, retell stories, read at an appropriate level and write an original story. They also are given a blog page at the start of the unit, which they are expected to update with reflections after every lesson. This will help students become more comfortable in using ICT’s, and the teacher can also see what students are enjoying and what they are having difficulty with.

Assessment criteria:

The students have two different writing tasks during the unit of work. The first one is a group collaboration- rewriting a classic story. Students view the texts online and brainstorm ways to alter the story (characters, endings etc.). They are also expected to communicate using their blog pages, either at school or home. They then need to create an original text, using word processing programs. The individual task is the end assessment (summative), while the group retelling task is a stepping stone to help promote thinking and communicating (formative).

Teaching & YouTube

I found that the blog post written by Sanna also applied to me, as I usually find myself watching videos online in my free time (usually interviews with my favourite actors or humorous videos) but I also use YouTube as a resource for assignments. For one assignment in particular, I used a song written about the Three Little Pigs ( as background audio in a video I made. In fact, I have a whole playlist on my YouTube account dedicated to any teaching related videos I find during my searches.

Early Childhood and Smart Boards

Although I mainly focus on implementing ICT’s within years 2 and 3 (the years I find most myself comfortable in), provides a link to a video that shows the different ways to use an interactive whiteboard/smart board with early childhood students. Most of these activities can also be tweaked to be more suited towards older aged students.

Assignment Work

I’ve found that the hardest portion of the assignment is finding resources/links that support my online artefact. Coming up with the reasons was easy enough (ICT’s are fun, creative and essential) but sorting through everything and finding resources that are aimed towards parent so fchildren (as per the assignment guidleines) was difficult. That’s why I found