As part of the learning path for my ICT and Pedagogy course, we were asked to complete four modules of work on the Connect.ed Cyber Safety website. I have to say that I really enjoyed it.

Since I am only 23, I did use technology throughout primary/high school, which is very fortunate as it helps me to draw on my own experiences as I consider students today and how I can help them as a teacher.

I think my favourite part of the website was actually the two simulations of a fake student (a 14 year old girl and 11 year old boy) on a made up social network and interacting with their “friends”. I few times I felt like rolling my eyes at the responses, but I had to try and put myself in their shoes and respond to their friends as I would at that age.

Kids today have so many little social nuances that it is really difficult to think what the “correct” answer would be- without getting someone angry or upset!

I also really liked the Hector’s World videos- they were really cute!


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