Career Change?

No, I am not considering leaving my studies behind (as the title may suggest), but I am considering going in a little bit of a different direction.

On my last placement I had two mentor teachers, and therefore two teaching areas- one with a Grade 3 class and one in the library. My mentor teacher in the library was great and I really enjoyed the new experience. She also mentioned that a lot of the new teachers coming into schools after graduating are not going into librarianship and that most school librarians are getting closer to their retirement age.

That gave me a lot to consider. I really did enjoy being able to work with students across the whole school (I worked in a small school, so by the end of the three weeks I knew about half of the students by name), and I’ve always loved the library, so I’ve started looking into courses that I could take after graduating.

One I found was a Diploma of Library and Information Services that only takes a year to complete.

So many options….


2 thoughts on “Career Change?

  1. Great post Lisa, and thanks for the great suggestion too. I’ve always been interested in librarian studies, but had never thought of integrating it with my teaching studies. But it seems that in the future, there’ll be more demand for multi-skilled teachers, with rumours of Master degrees being compulsory (from my prac mentor) and other such multi-tasking requirements. I guess it’s just as well that as teachers we promote lifelong learning – this is our chance to model it too. 🙂

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