Career Change?

No, I am not considering leaving my studies behind (as the title may suggest), but I am considering going in a little bit of a different direction.

On my last placement I had two mentor teachers, and therefore two teaching areas- one with a Grade 3 class and one in the library. My mentor teacher in the library was great and I really enjoyed the new experience. She also mentioned that a lot of the new teachers coming into schools after graduating are not going into librarianship and that most school librarians are getting closer to their retirement age.

That gave me a lot to consider. I really did enjoy being able to work with students across the whole school (I worked in a small school, so by the end of the three weeks I knew about half of the students by name), and I’ve always loved the library, so I’ve started looking into courses that I could take after graduating.

One I found was a Diploma of Library and Information Services that only takes a year to complete.

So many options….


Placement Over!

This has been a bit of a late post, but I have finally finished my two (!) placements for the semester. I know that I was really nervous coming into this semester as I’ve previously had some bad experiences in the past with my mentor teachers and the like, but I am happy to say that I did much better this time around!

That’s not to say that I didn’t have some… let’s say… “miscommunication issues” with one of my teachers, however, I think I handled it much better than last time.

Now I’ve worked out that I have one more prac to do and then my final internship!

The end is getting so close now….