ICTs As A Reward

Something that I’ve noticed (and that Dwayne also mentions), is the rise of using ICTs as a reward for students. I don’t think I actually like the idea of this (and I’m probably on the outs with this!), but bear with me….

Most of the times that I’ve witnessed students using ICTs as a “reward” is with SEP (Special Education Program) students. I’ve seen teachers give a student an iPad during parade to keep them occupied and out of trouble. Although this is a good idea in theory, it then leads to other students in the class seeing this and feeling left out. Most of the schools I’ve worked at only have a class set of iPads in the library or a couple in the SEP, so there isn’t a lot of opportunities for all students to experience this reward.

I think it ultimately all comes down to the resources available- if a class has a wide range of ICTs (not just iPads) then rewarding students with individual play with an ICT can be very useful… as long as it isn’t just a way to keep the student distracted or a type of busywork.


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