ICTs Are Everywhere!

Like Christy, I have recently noticed just how much I use ICTs in my day-to-day life. Yes, there are the expected ICTs like social media sites, there’s also so many new ICTs I’ve been exposed to during my university career. Something I like to do is use a different type of program (or ICT) for each assignment I have to complete. Sometimes I have had to make a multimodal presentation (I think about three times now)- the first time I used Microsoft PowerPoint, something I’ve used a lot in my primary and high school career. For the next one, I tried using Sony Vegas (a video editing program).

This is only one small example of my exposure to ICTs. The sheer amount of ICTs out there on the “inter-webs” is astounding, and like Jocelyn mentions, the fact that YouTube and Google exist is a great way to find tutorials on how to use these programs/software’s/ICTs.


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