Do Memes Belong in the Classroom?

I recently found Kelsey’s post called Five Ways to Use Memes To Connect With Students. She raises an interesting point- it does provide a bit of a change to the students “usual” classroom. The post also links to an article entitled Five Ways To Use Memes To Connect With Students. I have to say, as a (fairly) young adult who uses social media apps like Facebook and Tumblr, I of course love a good meme (pun dog and Fry from Futurama being among my favourites), but should they really be used in the classroom?

I think it all boils down to how it is implemented and the dynamics of the classroom. If you have students who can’t look past the humour of the meme and are too raucous about it, then perhaps using memes to talk about class rules may not be the best idea. It can also be useful though, as some students may enjoy the use of familiar images to discuss class rules.

I also like the fact that the article has links to some printables that are ready to use!


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