Postman’s Second Idea: Technology Creates Winners and Losers

“I say only that since technology favors some people and harms others, these are questions that must always be asked.”

Postman, 1998

Technology is definitely an area that can separate the recently graduated teachers from the teachers who have taught for decades. These teachers that have been teaching for many years are sometimes stumped by new technology, and may need to call for IT support for help in fixing any problems (like the Interactive Whiteboard). Some students (and even teachers) see this as the teacher not being capable of teaching students, despite the fact they have a good grasp on the curriculum and how to teach it.

I actually saw a funny post on Tumblr a while back. The first person mentioned how much better it will be when their generation (I took it to mean that the original poster was in high school) are teachers and actually know how minimise out of a screen. The next person reblogged from them and added a funny script that showed by that time, computers could be holographic and the teacher will still get that exasperated class of students yelling out “no just do this! It’s not that hard! Here… I’ll do it…”


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