Postman’s Fifth Idea: Technology Tends To Become Mythic

“I use this word in the sense it was used by the French literary critic, Roland Barthes. He used the word “myth” to refer to a common tendency to think of our technological creations as if they were God-given, as if they were a part of the natural order of things. I have on occasion asked my students if they know when the alphabet was invented. The question astonishes them. It is as if I asked them when clouds and trees were invented. The alphabet, they believe, was not something that was invented. It just is. It is this way with many products of human products of human culture but with none more consistently than technology.”

Postman, 1998

My family only consists of myself and my mother (and two dogs) who was a stay-at-home mum until she got her Education Support certificate and started work as a teacher aide. For this reason, we went without the more “extravagant” items, such as a computer until I was in Year 6 or 7, and internet access until about Year 9. For this reason, I always had to go to the library and search through the non-fiction books for any homework or assignments that I had. Now that I’m at university, all of my research is done online through online journals (the exception of course, being university textbooks). Most students today go straight for the online research, as it is easily accessible and all-knowing to them, and the non-fiction sections at the public library seem a lot smaller than they were years ago.


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