Teaching Maths With Meaning

I came across this blog on BlogSpot. It is primarily about maths lessons, and has a great range of lesson plans as well as maths resources.

Digital Tools for Teachers

This post on BlogSpot discusses eBooks that teachers can personally create for their class and the apps they can use to make the eBook. I’ve used a few of these apps before, but I’ve never made an eBook for students. I think it would definitely come in handy for students who have finished the work given to them as sort of an enrichment lesson, or for special needs students to work with support teachers/teacher aides, as I’ve found that students love using technology to complete their work.

Parent-Teacher Relationships

This is definitely one area I need to work on as a teacher. To be fair though, as a pre-service teacher, there isn’t much opportunity to build strong relationships with parents and caregivers. On my last professional experience, I worked in a Prep class and spoke often with one of the mothers (she had twin boys in the same class, one with ASD).

This article explains the benefits of strong communication (for the student, teacher and family) as well as a number of startegies that can be implemented.