Google Spreadsheet Activity

What is it?

I chose to look deeper into innovation 108. It is a practice innovation type and the settings learning theme. The description in the Google spreadsheet mentions that students use digital cameras to take photos of different words around the school (for example, signs, posters etc.) This is linking literacy work while integrating ICT’s, as students are able to link the usage of words outside of the classroom.

How might it be used?

I also found a website ( wherein teachers from a primary school share their ideas of how they incorporate digital cameras in their class. I especially enjoyed the idea of requiring the students to demonstrate proper knowledge of working and handling the camera before getting a “photographer’s pass”, since there is always the possibility of students misusing expensive equipment without proper direction. I think that, personally, I would not allow very young students (Prep or Year 1) too much free rein with the cameras, as they may accidently drop or break the camera, even after instructions. My professional experience is taking place in a Year 2 class, so I would like to integrate some of the ideas into my class.

Why it helps student learning

By allowing students the opportunity to lead their own learning (they could use the photos of words around the school as a story) it lets students explore creatively and work with each other. I think it also helps that this could allow students to get outside of the classroom (with supervision) instead of sitting in their desks all day.


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