Sharing my Pedagogical Knowledge

During Week 2 of EDC3100 – ICT and Pedagogy, we were asked to share our own pedagogical knowledge, using the following template:

  • What your “bit” of pedagogical knowledge is.  
  • The context within which you might use (have used) it.
  • Why it helps student learning.

Think, Pair, Share

This activity asks students to individually think about a subject or idea, then break into either pairs or small groups where they discuss the ideas they came up with. Then, they share their ideas they formed as the pair or group with the rest of the class.


The think, pair, share activity can be used throughout all year levels. It is especially valuable when the class is talking about personal experiences, as each person will definitely have differing ideas and stories, which can then benefit the other students in the class who are listening. I used it in my first Professional Experience, when I was teaching mathematics (fractions, sharing, grouping), asking students what they thought certain concepts meant and also in reading lessons (comprehension).

Why it helps student learning

By using think, pair, share, the students’ minds will be open to other perspectives. In certain history lessons, for example, students are often asked to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, to think about how they might have lived and how it differs to how we live now.


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