The SAMR Model in 120 Seconds


3 thoughts on “The SAMR Model in 120 Seconds

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    This week in our EDC3100 lecture we watched this awesome video about the SAMR Model. This video breaks it down into smaller steps and allows better understanding by those who will be using it. I really enjoyed it, as I have previously done some research about it and found that it was rather difficult to get my head around. The Model is broken down into these steps in the video:
    S – Substitution

    Any new technology directly substitutes the old technology. The task remains the same.

    A – Augmentation

    The technology is still a substitute, but has more to it. Function is increased.

    M – Modification

    Technology redefines part of the task. Student learning is transformed.

    R – Redefinition

    New tasks can be designed and created.

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