Critically reflect on my theories

In my first year of studies, I completed a birth to 8 course. In this course I came across the Piaget’ Cognitive Development Theory. This theory states that there are four stages of development that children go through – sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational. Although I haven’t personally worked with infants, I do agree that from my observations, that younger childrenĀ do have different thinking to older children. If these stages are understood, then the teacher (i.e. me) will be able to adequately create learning activities and assessments that are appropriate. However, I don’t think that all people go through these stages in the same timeframe. If we look at students that are intellectually disable, for example, they may not reach the stages at the same time as another child with no intellectual disabilities, or even an extremely gifted child. There is also the trouble of clearly identifying which stage the child is in – are all stages easy to identify and therefore classify the children in.


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