Blog Prompt!! #1

To be honest, I class myself as a geek/nerd. I become very involved (obsessed) with certain fandoms (books, movies, television shows). It was because of this “personality quirk” that I became involved in video making. I have made probably about 100 videos of my favourite fandoms in the last five or so years. I first started with Windows Movie Maker, as I had used that in high school. I saw online though, that Sony Vegas was a much better program, as it had so many more options. About three years ago I finally bought Sony Vegas 9 (I think). Oh my god…. that was very new!!!! I got frustrated so many times. Instead of just cutting and arranging clips to music, I also had the opportunity to add effects, change audio and the whole aspect of rendering was frustrating. I now have Sony Vegas Pro 11, and have started making my own colourings too, and I still get annoyed when the entire program shuts down (too many clips from different sources at one time) or the rendering takes hours….. However, I must say I’m proud of (most of) my videos, I get excited when it gets one view!


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